CD Player Recommendation

I know this has been done to death, but help if you can. I am downsizing to a one box CD player from seperates. My budget is $1800. I can't stretch any further and I am buying used. I am interested in any opinions on upsampling Cd players among others and I'm wondering if anyone other than a dealer has heard the Shanling player. I am definitely not interested in SACD or DVD Audio. To help here is my system:
Air Tight ATC-1 Preamp
c-j Premiere 11a amp
Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers (originals)
various wire.
Thank you all in advance for your help.
The ARC CD2 makes magic in my system and there is one listed new today for $1400 bucks. They normaly bring $1500 to $1800. It is hard to imagine beating it for that sort of cash. It has harmonic richness, presentation of space, and transparent quality that I have never experienced from CD before. I had a CD1, which was great but was a bit too warm and romantic with the rest of my gear.
How about a used Sony 777es SACD/cd player? The capabilities of this unit are equally good with SACD as CD. I have the SCD-1 and the 777es is supposed to be about equal except is has no digital out I believe.

I have listened to the ARC CD2 and CD1, my two favorite CD players at any price. If I had your budget, I would try to get a CD2.
If you can hold out for 2-3 months, I would because:

This will retail for $3k, but as always, one or two 'goners will buy new early on and for whatever reason sell shortly thereafter.

Based on the numbers alone, this unit could easily render all other "redbook" equipment obsolete. 5.6 mHz!
Seriously - check out the higher end Sony SACD players like Stehno mentioned. I've seen NEW XA777ES units online for only a few bucks more than your budget... or you can get them for even less used.

The XA777 sounds a bit different than the older 777ES (which is another great value) - The XA777 is also multi-channel.

Both of these CD players (XA777 and the 777) are outstanding on redbook playback and have the added benefit of having modifications available which can further enhance the performance of the units. I recently "downgraded" to a Sony player from a world class unit and honestly believe I made the right decision. After some time with the Sony and a few tweaks, I now believe that what I once considered a downgrade was in fact an even trade. The tone/timbre of the Sony(s) seems to be slightly off - compared to $8000 players - but this can be resolved with the right cable choices.
Don't forget to think about a Meridian 508.24 -- retails for $4000, but available for $1800 from a motivated seller. Richly voiced player, very good air and detail, smooth top end. Awful remote, though. IMHO, the Meridian sounds a lot smoother than the stock Sony 777ES, which I found to be too bright for my tastes.
Accuphase DP-55 (very musical)
Metronome CD-1V
Muse Model 9
Linn Ikemi (probably a bit of reach for your budget)
I purchased a Cary 303/200 CD player used for $1200. It is the best I have had in my system which has included Theta data III and Linn Karik/Numeric combo. Give it a listen..
Hey Jond, I think a Naim 3.5 would be a good match with
your Fabers.

Someone tell me about Sony SACD Players--one would think
that Sony would want them to be well made to lure people
to the format. Like to hear some owners notes.
At the 1800 price point you have lots of options. The sony 777ES or XA777 would be my personal choices. The SACD tips them into favor for me. They are great stock but getting them audiomod'ed makes a huge improvement.

Other great players are the resolution audio cd-50, son xa7es ($1000) and the theta miles ( has one for $975). The CD-50 has a wonderful analog output stage. Very quiet.

I have not heard either, but I understand the tube arc cd-2 and the tube cary cd-301 are great players.