Cary SLI 80 crumped

OK guys and gals. Looks like one of my switches got stuck on the cary and when i tried to switch from triode to ultra linear the whole unit powered down and well now it won’t turn back on. So I am guessing I need to send the unit back to cary so here is the question I have a belles Hotrod 150a power amp in my closet but the arc line stage LS-7 is in the repair shop here locally for toggle switch repair. So please rate the following:

1. buy quicksilver line stage and use the hotrod 150a for time being and then up grade to mid mono quicksilver amps or mono 120s,  I love tubes!!
2. Buy belles aria pre amp pair with hot rod 150a probably stop there or maybe eventually upgrade to aria monoblocks 
3. Buy belles aria integrated call it good
4. Consider luxman class A integrated but this is a long stretch because I don’t know about price
5. naim 152 and 155xs separates but again not familiar with he sound or how well this works with vandy however i quite enjoyed my rega DAC and rp3 when I had them.

Thanks folks

Current system is handy 2ce sig II, EAT Csharp MC turntable, McIntosh MP100 for phone pre, audio quest type 8 cable in biwire configuration, audio quest king cobra interconnects. I will probably move on this purchase in a few days
“Sorry I meant to say dual pole dual throw. Heck you can buy the part even at Home Depot or Lowes.”

Yes I am sure I could get it at Home Depot but I don’t want to bother with it and as I said earlier I have been thinking about switching the Cary out for over a year even with KT 120s I am not impressed. Done all the tube rolling I can for the low end. And not satisfied. It was never about fixing more so about any Rex’s or expierence with the other gear combinations. 

Spoke Ken with John R. From audio connection who has tremendous experience with vandersteen who recommended either the belles combination highly for the steen’s. He agreed with my on the Cary miss and highs are pretty but after that it leaves a lot to be desired in the low end. So I am moving on. We did discuss the quicksilver and he has nothing but praises for the company but I think for the cost the belles combo comes in at 1K less. The preamp is already shipping. 
If you do plan to get it repaired before selling it and can't find a home audio repair shop to do the work, look for a shop that works on guitar amps. Amps is amps. A capacitor failed in a Jolida EL84 amp in my office and while I could have replaced it myself I couldn't diagnose what was wrong. A friend who owns several electric guitars recommended a shop that had done work on his amps. The tech at the shop was happy to have something new to work on, diagnosed it perfectly and did a very nice job at a reasonable price.
@sfar Yes I do want to repair it before selling. There is a guitar center here so I bet they could fix it. that’s an awesome recommendation! What do you guys think a reasonable resale price should be for the unit? 
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