Cary Audio DVD8 Universal Player: Comments?

Has anyone heard this player? If so, can you share your thoughts on its audio performance, RBCD as well as SCAD & DVD-A?
Yes, I own one. I have Cary's CD player 303/300. As a CD player the DVD 8 lacks quite a lot in all parameters compared to the 303. I try it from time to time as a CD player yust for the fun of it. However, if you compare it with CD players in the same price level, it actually performs surprisingly good. As a SACD player I've tried it a few times with Diana Krall and as a 2ch SACD it plays quite good. DVD-A I've not tried.

I use it as a DVD player. The picture is medium to the price tag. I send the audio signal to my Cinema 11, so the sound performance is very good as a DVD player.

If you have quite good electronics and speaker and intend to use it as a CD player, I can recommend it.