Capital AudioFest 2018
CAF 2018 is right around the corner.
Its shaping up to be a great show with over 60 exhibit rooms.
GT Audio Works will be partnered with Pass Labs,  Triode Wire Labs
VuJade Audio,  Semper Sonus and Sound Insight.
Hope to meet Agon members there.
Here is a short video of the system we will be showing.

That's some monster presense you got going on there
And that was w/o the VuJade?  VuJade can growl like no other, but then you already have that in spades.
I will be showing my Carrera BE stand mounted loudspeakers in room 312 with ModWright. Please stop by & say hello. Looking forward to visiting with everyone!
Hi Fritz,
Good to see you at the show.
Your Carrera's sounded great !
These shows are too short for us, between setup and tear down barely got a chance to leave my room.
Going to the NYC show on Sunday just to check out whats what.
GT Audio Works
wynnytsky..."Presense" you hit the word right on the head !
We were very happy with the sound we were getting in room at CAF 2018.
Should have heard us cutting loose after the show ended on Sunday playing pop tunes at 112db..just off the hook nuts !!