Canare 4S11"G" now available!

I’ve been a HUGE cheerleader of the Canare 4S11 speaker cable for years now.

I have wanted try the "G" version (Oxygen Free Copper) for quite awhile now, but the minimum order was 328 feet, so I never got to try it. It is now available by the foot.

The guys at Canare claim it’s 4S11 "kicked up a notch"! Man I love that cable.

I’m going to buy enough for my shotgun setup that I use and see how they compare.

Stay tuned...


@mofimadness I assume you connect the two red wires together and the white and clear wires together for a speaker cable?  Have you had the opportunity to compare to any higher end speaker cables?  

Thanks @mofimadness

I also use the Canare 4S11 and will be interested in the results of your comparison.

In the bigger picture of things, I don’t really understand how being "oxygen free" can impact sound one way or the other.  Is the idea that an oxygen molecule/atom/whatever somehow blocks or distorts part of a music signal?

@pinwa...I twist all (4) conductors together for a single stick that runs JUST the positive OR JUST the negative of ONE speaker only.  So you need (4) sticks total.  I've tried it just putting another normal run on top of each other, but this way is totally better sounding.  It produces around a ~8 gauge wire.

I was in the high-end audio business most of my life, so yes, I've owned/sold/listened to many, many, many brands.

@jetter...I not really sure why it's supposed to sound better?  It so inexpensive that it's easy to try.  We shall see.