Cable Recommendation

Does anybody have experience with NHT Super-Zero and cable matching...... any recommendations??
I also think the t-14 will work for you , that cable will be hard to beat for the money.I`ve used it alone on my Kestrels and now use it in a biwire system on the tweeters with the new Q-10 on the low end on my Meadowlark Shearwaters, sounds great!!!!
I would try something neutral like the DH Labs T-14. Kimber may turn out to be too bright for an already bright speaker like the NHT. Harmonic Tech is great, but I think the T-14s offer unparalleled bang-for-buck.
With the Super Zeros, it shouldn't be too tuff. Audition the ones in your price range from several different companies. You might start with Kimber 4TC or 8TC, Straightwire Encore or Rhapsody, or Harmonic Technology Pro-11. YOU CAN'T JUST FIGURE OUT WHAT'S BEST BEFORE TRYING EACH ONE FIRST...