Bypassing fuses; I'd think twice about it now

I had bypassed fuses on my former Maggie 1.6's (sold with full disclosure to new owner). I now have a HT with Maggie MGMC center (has a fuse). Was listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra in dark, and accidentally hit vol UP button! OOOPS! Backed it down quickly, but halfway through a movie tonight, the fuse on center chanel gave up the ghost.
At first, thought it was an amp chanel, then remembered the Maggies have fuses...
I assume that's all that's wrong. We'll see.
But, I'd sure think again before disconnecting a fuse.And I'll not be so friggin' lazy as to ignore the lighted keypad function on the remote next time I adjust volume!!!
Hi, Doug. That's a good reminder as the fuses do have a purpose (perhaps to protect the mfg'er) :)

Artistic Audio in So. California sells the audio-grade Isoclean gold-plated fuses at $25 each. The performance improvements can be quite pleasing for such a 'minor' audio upgrade.

At least this way you can maintain safety while minimizing the sonic impact of cheap fuses.

I understand your position on this. When I owned the 3.3Rs,
the sonic improvement when using the solid copper fuse replacements outweighed the chance of damage, in my opinion.
I always bi-amped my Maggies with at least 600 wpc, and I don't listen at head-banger levels...
I'm going to guess more Maggies are damaged by too little power, than too much..
As in receiver powered.