Budget interconnects and speak wire

Hey I have a jolida 202 and tannoy r1. Need to know of some resonable wires for my components. If possible try to keep it under $200 for both thanks. Also need recs for a good cd player with optical out (for md recording) Thanks again
Not sure as to how these speakers sound... Have you/will you upgrade the tubes/power cord in the Jolida? JJ E34L's are the ticket if/when you change/replace the tubes. If the speakers tend to brightness, go with Audioquest Tuquoise IC/Audioquest Type 6 speaker cable. You may want this combo anyway, as it's very middle of the road, and will not come back to bite you down the road. If you want open things up(i.e., your system is far from becoming bright), Kimber PBJ IC/Kimber 4TC(8TC, if you'll buy used). As I said, I don't know about these speakers, but if you haven't switched out the tubes, the Jolida 202 is as OPPOSITE to bright as you can possibly get in a modern system.
T14 speaker cables give a wonderful sound and they're not too dear, likewise check out SWG or interlinkhouse for your connectors. Stealth ETS model (interlinkhouse)1m. connectors often go for about 40-50 dollars on ebay and theyare a bargain at that.
A truly excellent source for low capacitance, high-quality, very reasonably priced interconnects, digital cables, and speakers cables is Ross Anderson at CEWL CONNECTIONS in San Diego. There is a website at: WWW.CEWLCONNECTIONS.COM. They are custom-made to your order and are usually shipped the same day. I have bought quite a bit of stuff from Ross over the years and have always been satisfied.
I can only respond in general to your question, since I am not familiar with components in your audio system. However, there are several budget interconnects and speaker cables that I have used and like. Start with Kimber Kable's lower-priced stuff, such as the PBJ interconnect, or maybe the Hero. Kimber's Silver Streak is also an excellent interconnect and you can sometime buy it used for around $125 for a 1-meter length. For speaker cable, I suggest you start with Kimber's 4TC. It's good, fairly neutral, and the best buy at anywhere near the price. An option you might want to consider is interconnect and cable made by a fairly new company called "BetterCables". The owner of the firm builds all his cables as they ordered, to spec. I recently bought 3 different kinds to try: a component video set, a S-VHS cable, and a digital coax. I was very impressed with the build quality and performance-for-price. There are now a number of reviews of "BetterCables" on AudioReview. You should take a look at their Web site for more info: www.bettercables.com
DCFIS: On additional reflection, I should also have included some of the less expensive AudioQuest products. Among budget products, AQ's "Type 4" speaker cable is well regarded, as are their Topaz interconnects. I currently have several pair of AudioQuest Ruby x3 interconnects that I am going to sell, plus a pair of 0.5 meter Topaz. If you are interested, send me an E-mail at: SDCamp1113@cs.com. I'll make you a good price.
do yourself a favor and talk to quest for sound about phoenix gold interconnects and speakercable they are very good and will make custom lenghts for you i got rid of my red dawn and monster and i got a new system by just upgrading my cables and speaker wire to phoenix gold running a golden tube amp for the high end and a sunfire for the bottom end check them out -- quest for sound @aol.com they have auctions on audiogon now ...
TARALabs.com Their "Prime" level might be what price you're looking for and they make great cables! Great people at TARA Labs too, always helpful.