Brisbane, Australia

Anyone audiophiles in the vicinity of Brisbane who would like to begin a club, feel free to contact me via this thread.
I wish I could join...lived there for 6 months after finishing my degree at JCU in Townsville, but couldn't find a job to get a visa. Au is the closest thing to paradise on earth I have seen.
Exactly, its one beautiful place, bummer though looking at how many replies on this thread I don't like my chances of findin audio enthusiasts in Aust.
Yeah, I'm a little surprised too, especially with the popularity (at least its making a name here in the States) with Halcro and Whatmaugh. Aussies can make some good stereo gear...and beer.

Long live XXXX.

Hi, I know of a Queensland Audio Club which meets in Brisbane. I can pass on the details if you like.
if you could that would be great thanks, you could email me on if you like thanks
Hi Brisbane folks,
I would be very likely moving to Brisbane in the coming 2 mths with my family (due to the new work assignment). Look forward to living in this Sunshine state.
Feeback and keep it going, mate. the previous message is 2 yrs ago!!
I'm interested to join Queensland audio club. who's the best person to contact to?

For all those interested in an Audio Club in Brisbane you can contact the club via this website. The club meets monthly and members have a wide variety of interests and gear.