Breaking in new speakers


I am soliciting some recommendations on breaking in new speakers. Any suggestions for the fastest way to get the speakers to "loosen" up and sound the way that they should. Are there any specific software for playback effectively optimized for this other than playing them over loudly for 150 hours or so.

One tip to save your neighbors while the speakers are playing at 90dB:

Turn the speaker so that the fronts face each other. Put the speakers very close toghether. Switch the red and black terminals on one of the speakers so that they play out of phase. Most lower frequency cancel each other prefectly this way and very little sound will be coming from this setup. However, be aware that the speakers are playing at 90 dB, it is just that the sound from each speaker will destructively interfere. Be careful with the volume control to not overdrive the speakers.

My last speakers required a 300 h break in (Fostex drivers!). I played them this way for two weeks while I was gone.

Try if out, unless your turn up the volume very high there is not much you can damage this way.

Good luck,

Why hurry they'll be with you for a long time, play them as your regularly and find out how they change in sound and how long it takes to break. This is fun.
Yes, there are two good break-in CDs that will enhance/speed up the break-in process (and not just for speakers):
(1) Purist Audio Design, System Enhancer (Rev-B). From Purist Audio Design, the high-end cable manufacturer.
(2) Irrational but Efficacious: System Enhancement Disc. From Ayre, the high-end electronics manufacturer.
I burned up two tweeters and a midrange driver breaking a pair of Thiel CS3.6's in while playing them out of phase and face-to-face. The crossover boards got so hot I could feel the heat right through the rear 1" MDF layer. So I say screw the quick and dirty method.

My advice, just be patient and use regular music playback.
Tafka, I guess Fostex drivers don't have any crossover boards which is why the out of phase works so well. But like I said even in a regular speaker with crossover this should not be a problem as long as you don't turn up the volume too much. Of course if you think you need to push the loudness it gets dangeraous.

There is no difference playing a speaker out of phase or in phase for several days in terms of power generated in the crossovers, just your neighbors will know the difference.