Border Patrol Dac


  This has garnered a lot of positive press lately.  Anyone here have any personal experiences with it?  I believe it'll be shown at CAF which starts tomorrow if anyone's attending.  (I can't make it myself due to a finding a great deal on a First Watt M2!)

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I have one and love it.  I have it hooked up to Marantz CD player (CD6006) and have Prima Luna HP integrated with Totem Sttaf speakers and it was a big leap forward.  Of course your mileage may vary but I tend to agree with the description in the Part Time Audiophile review for the most part.  I particularly noted that the upper half of the frequencies really opened up with good separation between the instruments and increased detail with no affect on the neutrality etc.  It is great.  The tube rectifier does make a difference as I have accidentally not turned that part on when listening on two occasions and could tell a difference.  Good luck
  Border Patrol Dac

Looks like they also believe to get the best from pcm RedBook the way to go is with R2R Ladder Multibit conversion, not dsd's Delta Sigma

Here is an interesting review

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Thanks for the input.  I listened to a Chord Hugo2 last week and both my girlfriend and I were blown away.  Almost twice the cost though...
If you have a chance, try and see if you can demo (or buy and return for free/cheap if possible) the Benchmark DAC3 L (loses the headphone jack of the regular DAC3), the Chord Qutest, and the RME ADI-2 DAC. Both measure better and have reviews being positive by a majority. I doubt you’d be disappointed with the Border Patrol, but worth checking out possibly better alternatives.