Bob Marley...Legend vs. New Album....

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There's a new Bob Marley album out...apparently that has replaced Legend. I found out about this when my friend lost my Legend album and replaced it with the new one. I listened to the new album and, although nearly all the Legend songs are there, I just didn't like it so much. The most obvious, unforgivable sin on the album was to replace the old acoustic version of Redemption Song with a Reggae version. Other than that, I can't put my finger on why I like the old album so much better...better recording...better picture of Bob on the cover....anyone else feel the same or to the contrary?
There are some very good comments above--the albums are pretty much the way to go. Another good start is the "Songs of Freedom" four disc set. The man's throwaways were some of the best songs ever to come out of jamaican music. Lastly, If you're talking about Bob Marley albums, you can't ignore the ones the wailers did for Lee "Scratch" Perry, such as African Herbsman.
I'm with the old Legend. I have a cassette and love it. I have been trying for years to replace it with the original before it deteriorates but don't know where I can find it. Atlantic Recording Co.
I have some Lee "Scratch" Perry albums. I didn't know about African Herbsman. Thanks for the suggestion.