Blue Circle Amps: Hybrid v Solid State, Compare?

I'm considering Blue Circle amps to go with a BC3 preamp. How do the hybrid amps compare to the solid state amps? The BC24/28 are new and maybe no one knows how they compare, but how about the BC22/26 and the BC2/6? How would the BC3 match with either of these? I listen mostly to acoustic: bluegrass, jazz, classical, folk, international, but also R&B, ambiant/space music and a little bit of rock. I could possibly biamp in the future. My speakers are fairly efficient (91 db, 6 Ohms). Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
First of all do you have the BC3-Despina or the BC3-Galatea ?
Second it might help to know what speakers they are, aside from the fact they are "fairly efficient". Also the size of room you are working with would be of help as well.
You have asked a fair number of questions with regard to the various BC amps. So, lets get some specifics and take it from there.
BC3 Galatea. Tannoy D500 speakers. Large room with wooden floors, but with sound absorbing furniture and rungs. Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CD player. Harmonic Tech interconnects. Listen mostly at low to medium volume.
Well, you've got a good source and a good pre amp (I must confess I know nothing about your speakers).

The BC2 mono blocks would work well in your situation, but the BC6 is probably a little underpowered for a larger room. Remember though, these amps are a 10 year old design. They still sound really good, but the newer stuff is better, no question.

From what you have said about your preferences in music, the BC24 or BC28 hybrid designs would be the way to go for you. Both have enough power, and are extremely accurate with tone and timbre. They also have enough low end pop to let you get down with your bad self. Of the two, the BC28 is the better amp, but it is also more expensive.

The BC26 would also work well in your system if you prefer a slightly less warm sound. It also gives you the option of going balanced down the road, though from the looks of your system right now that is not really an issue. The nice thing about a BC26 is that there are some good demo deals to be had on them right now.

I would not recommend the BC22. It is an very nice amplifier for the dough, but it seems to me that your pre amp is a step above it.

Hope that helps - mind you you will not be disappointed no matter which of these amps you choose; they are all winners.


Either way