Blaster worm phase II at midnight Friday

Phase II of this worm / virus is designed to both attack Microsoft's website and clog up internet servers everywhere. By detecting and removing the worm on infected computers, we can help to reduce "clogging" and hopefully keep things flowing at near normal download times.

Here's a link that walks you through how to both update your Windows based computer and scan it for this specific virus. It is VERY easy to follow step by step. If you aren't running an up to date virus protection program, you really should do this just to be safe. It might be easier to print this out off of the website and then work from there.

Those of you that are running Mac's or other operating systems can sit back in the corners and snicker silently amongst yourselves. No comments needed : ) Sean

Blaster worm patch, identification and removal
Just the unremarkable fact that I'm running Windows '98 instead of 2000 seems to have protected me for the time being, but I'll not snicker, since I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the $*&%#@ hacker scum who get their sick loser jollies perpetrating these stunts get around to rectifying that situation...