Biggest Baddest Audio Cables

Whether they actually sound better or not, I don't really care but I have a fetish for beautifully made, anaconda sized audio cables, especially with unusually well made connectors. Any ideas here especially where 2nd hand is a deep discount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
The best I have heard are the Stage III Gryphon. They are an absolutely superb interconnect cable.
A friend of mine has the Transparent Ref. XL MM2 which I have found to be an amazing cable...too bad about the price tag attached to it though!
I have tried many of the cables listed in this post but the best I have tried to date are the Von Schweikert Master Built Standard power cords (made in conjunction with Dephi Aerospace). They simply bested everything else I have tried. Importantly, there is a step above what I have.
The Von Schweikert Master Built (by Delphi Aerospace) Signature speaker cables are the best I have used. They are simply across the spectrum amazing.

I would ditto this in regards to power cords as well. I have tried many of the top of the line brands. These are not as well known yet but are the best I have used.