BEST sites - buying used high end gear

Hey all - what are the best internet sites for buying used high end equipment? Has anyone here done it and how do you know to trust someone with that much $$ being exchanged? All advice appreciated... -baz
Audiogon! Of all the sites,, and rec.audiomarketplace, I have had the quickest responses when posting here. Unless you use some sort of escrow service, there are no guarantees. its always good to speak to the person over the phone. it can give you a feeling of who you are dealing with is great site. Have sold a number of items without a problem - and fairly quickly and at price asked
This is the best site I have found. Do C.O.D or At least you will have some proof of the deal. I haven't had any problems yet. I'm always buying and selling. And a real good thing to do is buy from people who have done business with others already and have good feedback. At least you will know that it isn't someone who got a user name just to rip you off.
Hi Baz..: The best audio site? You're already in it. In the last few months I've put together a second system by buying used components/wires, and I think 8 out of 9 have been through Audiogon. I've also sold twice through Audiogon. All of my audiogon transactions have been smooth and very positive. Highly recommended. I suppose there are always a few bad apples though.
Audioweb and Audiogon. Yes, it's very fun to find the right component for a terrific price. UPS COD is usually the way to go, but you should try to get to know them well enough that you can trust them first.
Audiogon, I have bought items up to $2380. for amp, I spoke to sellers on phone and checked feedback and every purchase so far went great and I believe most audiophiles are honest people that try to take great care of there equipment. Good Luck. Audiogon is #1 !
I have made over two dozen purchases on Audiogon over the last few months with no problems. They have included deals in the thousands of dollars.