Best Recommended Resistors for audio

I've got used AR PH3 phono preamplifier but I did not get the resistor set and manuals as well. If I know the values of the resistors I have to solder to load the cartridge, what is the best brand I have to look for? Any links or phone numbers of dealers will be appreciated.
You can use metal film resistors. You can get them matched to within 1%. They cost about 10 times more than regular resistors, but there still pretty cheap. (in truth you don't really need to get this quality of resistors, since it's not in the signal path--but why not--it won't hurt) I would guess (not 100% sure) you can get them from Allied or Newark electronics. Get the load recommended for your cartridge and then get a factor of 10 above and 1/10 below that rating and a variety in between. For example if the nominal rating is 1k, get a variety between 100 and 10k. The nominal load is a good starting point--but I can assure you something else will be optimum (I've yet to find the nominal load the best sounding yet).
Vishay, Holco, Roderstein Caddock and some Phillips are all really good sounding. You have to really try in on your system to determine which better suits your needs.