Best preamp with remote for $1k used?, w. Maggies

I'm updating my preamp and have about $1,000 to spend. What outstanding preamps (must have remote) would integrete well with Magnepan 1.6QR's? My other components are: Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 cd (used as transport), California Audio Labs Alpha DAC, and Outlaw Audio 755 5 channel amp. I'm using two channels of amplification per speaker. I've ordered an RCA "y" cable to allow me to accomodate preamps with only 1 main out.

I'm currently using a Meridian 501 as preamp, which is nice in terms of detail, but doesn't seem to have the "smoothness" of some other pre's like the Audio Research LS-9. Suggestions welcome.
I would suggest taking a look at a Tube Audio Design TAD-150 ( Remote, three inputs plus phone, two outputs, two 12AT7 tubes. Sounds great, looks great and Paul Grzybek is a nice guy and a pleasure to deal with. All for $699 plus shipping. I can't comment on how it will sound with Maggies, but I am using it with a McCormack DNA-125, modified Myryad MC100 CD player and Vienna Acoustics Beethovens and I am very pleased.