Best Preamp for under $1750.00

Seeking recommendations for a preamp in the $750 to $1750 range. Balance of system consists of Aerial 8's, Bryston 7B's, and CAL CL-15. Room acoustics and speakers would favour lean over lush; I'm looking for something musical without being on the "warm" side. Music preferences include acoustic, jazz, and rock. Will re-cable according to final selections
Sounds like SS. Perhaps a BP-20 or 25 to match your 7B, or Musical Fidelity A3CR. Or a Counterpoint with the updates/mods?
Conrad Johnson Premier 14 is very musical! remote controlled too! Words cannot describe how good this piece sounds !
Hi Emmett,

I've been using an Audible Illusions L-1 linestage with several different amps (including a Bryston 3B) for about
5 years now. It has worked well with all of them. It has been 100% reliable and tubes (6922) are readily available from many sources. The 3A is the same thing with a phono stage. These are very available on audiogon and would be within your budget.
You might be able to find a used Pass Aleph P. I would describe it as a well built, neutral sounding preamp. The only downside is that it doesn't have a true tape monitor loop. Typically priced between $1,400 and $1,600.
What is the name of the popular passive preamp that sells for around $1500.00?