best power cord for digital switching amp

I need a power cord for my digital amp Dac 4800. I would like to stay under 800 used. So far I have synergistic research designer reference, acoustic zen gargantua, and elrod eps 3, any other suggestions would be helpful.
just get a cheap fully shielded cord like Belden makes. You can find ready made cords, or end your own. Cost is minimal.
You probably want something with a warmer sonic signature. Most digital amps are a little on the cool side. A Synergistic Hologram A or D might do nicely. The Bybee Supercord is a proven winner with digital. If you are on a budget, the Kaplan H.E. is quite nice for the money. I am a dealer for all three, just so you know. But I am a dealer because I LIKE these cables, and have heard many others.
I have tried Cardas Cross and Shunyata Taipen with my Bel Canto Ref 1000. The cardas muddied up everything but its not there better cable. I like the Shunyata and am leaning towards keeping it. It is also at low a price due to being discontinued. Like you I would like some help with what is working with others.
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There is special power cord made specifically for powerful switching amplifiers by Spectron Audio. See - Thunder - not expensive, about $600 and FANTASTIC!

Good Luck in Your Search
P.S. Elrod Silver is probably better but cost $2,900
You can get 98% there with a cheapo Belden. The important thing, regardless of price is that the power cable is fully shielded. The Belden is shielded with both woven and sheet aluminum.