best ic's and speaker cables for totem mani-2

i just received a pair of totem mani-2's that replaced my totem model 1's/rel strata iii sub combo. i have read other threads indicating that mani-2 owners upgraded their cables with good success. i would like to hear what some owners ended up with and what type of improvement they received along the way. i currently use all siver ic and speaker cables with a classe preamp and classe cd player, pair of odyssey monoblocks (with upgrades), mmf-7/grado tt, and sony dvp9000es sacd player. I listen to mainly jazz and blues. Thanks
the best sound i have heard with the mani-2 is when using audioquest dragon speaker cable and xlo limited edition,i use to own the totem tabu
I used Cardas Hexlink Golden 5C for speaker cables with the Mani's. They carry high current well, and really produced a full, natural sound.
I use the Analysis Plus Silver speaker cables and they are great. Use Johnson Audio interconnects. Enjoy your Mani-2s!