Best CPD to pair w/ Plinius 8200mkII & Totem Tabu?

Upgrading my 2-channel system, I've recently aquired a pair of Totem Tabu's. I am about to pull the trigger on a Plinius 8200 mkII integrated to go with them this week. Looking down the road, I am going to need to quickly upgrade my CD player as well, and am open to suggestions. I listened to the Naim cd5 over the weekend, paired w/ Naim amplification on a pair of Totem Hawks. While the Naim CD5 was very good, the dealer kept selling it as better with all Naim electronics. I've heard that Rega pairs up with Totems relatively well, and I'm also considering the Sim Audio Moon Nova player, and the Cairn Fog. Are there any players in this relative price range that I am not considering? Does anybody have any experience with any of these players mated with either Totem or Plinius? I look forward to any suggestions or comments. Thanks!
I don't know your budget, but I am using a Linn Ikemi with a Plinius 8150 integrated and Taylor Reference Monitors. I love the combination. Ikemis are available used for around $2K. Joel
hmmm. classe' was a brand i was considering earlier on but i never went to listen. my closest dealer is only about 30 minutes away, so maybe i'll have to give it a listen. do you have any experience with this player paired with either totem or plinius gear? or just a classe' fan? any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
I paired at home, during a holiday week, a Classé CDP10 with a Plinius 8200P and Van Alstine 350Ex poweramps, Van Asltine transcendence7 preamp and Dynaudio 1.3SE speakers.
I compared it A-B-C with my Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with 24/192 upsampler and Siemens tubes, and with a Rega Planet 2000.

The Classé has a superb bass, detail and soundstage, but highs are too laid back and mids seem to be lost. Boring for me. It seems that they look for zero digital harshness cuting the top end. I also hate digital sibilance, but for me this way is lifeless.

The Rega Planet 2000 is the most musical CDP I have heard, but loses in detail, bass and soundstage. Maybe the Jupiter solves this, I didn´t listen it.

To my taste, the best in general was the Ah! Great bass and detail, maybe loses some soundstage with the Classé, but wins by far in musicality and mid to top end resolution. I can´t explain better.

About Ikemi and Meridian 588 they are said to be too polite.

I also own a Electrocompaniet ECM1UP and all I can say is ... wow! Detail, bass, soundstage, musical ... almost a turntable.

The Wadia 861 is very good, but also more expensive.

Hope this helps.
manuel, thanks for your response. i thought about the Ah! player, but just wasn't sure if it was in the class of the $1500+ players? sounds like it may be a contender though. is the upgrade with the 24/192 upsampling THE way to get this player? i guess the only way to hear this player, would be to buy one from upscale audio? that's probably the one drawback for this peice, as i would prefer to hear it rather than go into it buying it blind...

thanks for your thoughts!
I guess that would be the Ah! price in USA, with all the upgrades. Anyway, you can buy the cheapest one and later upgrade it.
The regular Ah! sounds good, but real music comes with 24/192 upsampling.
I forgot another player: Copland CDA822, a bit more expensive if new.