Best Amps for Magneplanar 1.7i Speakers

I have a new pair of Magneplanar 1.7i speakers. Source material is CDs played on an  OPPO 105D disc player, and Qobuz streamed through the OPPO. Current amplification is Rogue Audio Sphinx (version 1). I have an old B&W powered subwoofer (ASW2000)  connected to the subwoofer outputs on the Sphinx. Listening room is about 15’x14’, ceiling height 9’. The sound quality is reasonably good but at times it feels a little underpowered. I’d welcome thoughts  on whether the Sphinx is enough amplifier for the speakers and what other amplifiers (integrated or pre- and power-amp combinations) might work well? Especially interested in views regarding tubes versus solid state. Budget for the amp or amp combo is $4,000 to $8,000. Thanks in advance!


Like the others are saying, I think the Rogue has enough power for the speakers. Having auditioned a Rogue Sphinx v1 (with power hungry LS50's), I found that it had sufficient power for my speakers. However, I came to the conclusion that it played all the notes, but not the music so well. Maybe this is what is bothering you too?

Given your budget, you have endless choices. I would recommend buying separates, a good preamp might resolve a lot of your issues.


After a crossover change magnepans can run on 50 watts a channel.

All the power in the world is wasted if your crossover is complete junk. 


I would have never kept the magnepans as a long term, hell even a short term speaker with the stock crossover.


Address that before you do anything else.  👍

Agree with rebuilding the crossover. It is unadulterated junk. Asi Teknology rebuilt mine and put the crossover in an external box. Tremendous upgrade.  I also ran Canary monoblock tube amplifiers on them and they sounded great.  Tube power was 140 wpc.

lots of people use the odyssey kismet monos,

they really light em up with tons of current, which is what they need/


go with the Magtech by Sanders. never need another amp, will drive aany speaker.

stable to 1 ohm for the maggie dips