Belles 250i

I am looking for a hybrid int. This one interests me, but I can not audition it. I would appreciate thoughts on this unit and what you have compared it to.
I can vouch for the sound being very musical. I had the original version, one of the first 250 amps built and my friend bought it from me on the spot when I took it over to his system. We put it up against an Ayre(very good but not with a passive pre) and a VPI stereo 85 watt tube amp and the Belles was much more musical though without the tube bloom and dimentionality. Build quality which I am very picky about is great. I love Ayre but it was not a good match in this particular system using a passive-thin sounding. But with a pre, fantastic
Disclaimer: I am a Power Modules and Xindak dealer.

Mike...The 250i is a very good integrated, but cannot hold a candle to the Xindak 6900SE integrated ($1995 retail). The 6900SE is the BEST integrated I have EVER heard (and it also beats most separates). As many on the forum know, I have been beating the Xindak drum on the forums. But I am telling you, this line is SPECIAL. Yes, it is designed and manufactured in China, but do NOT let that keep you from at least researching their products...At least it is not France ;-)

These days, it is NOT necessary to spend a fortune to obtain absolutely incredible sound! Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

If you want more details or have questions, please let me know.

Some Xindak 6900SE info can be found here:

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I wouldn't care how 'special' the xindak supposedly sounds - stay with American products. And Belles has a sterling reputation for sound and build quality.