B&K 307 componet switching

I was wondering if someone could talk me through this process, i understand the principle of it, but manual is pretty vauge on its definition, My TV has 2 comp. inputs and reciever also has 2,(1 output) I will be running HD sat, DVD, and PS2. IS there any loss in signal routing through reciever?? any info greatly appericated. ryan
Look a the spec sheet in the manual and see what the video bandwith they give it. I think you need at least 50 or 60 to pass through a good HD signal. My Denon 3803 is rated at 100. I havn't got HD signals to try it though. Dan
I am Mr. simple---So I therefore think the solution is simple. Hook the whatever up--going straight to the tv--Then through the receiver and see what differences you got.---With your set up, seems --one device to the tv and 2 to the receiver.--Hey, I like simple.'cause I R simple. BTW,I got one of those Inday 4x1 things---No pq loss.