Austin 'Phile Party Reminder

Hey all,

I wanted to post this a second time for anybody who didn't catch this thread before. There is going to be an audio party in Austin on the 26th of January at Whetstone Audio. Should be a blast, and we've got a bunch of 'philes from all over Texas coming to attend. No high-brow stuff here: just good tunes, cold beers, and meeting some new friends (Hi, my name's Brian, and I'm an Audiophile :)). If you're already on my list, I'll be sending out a mailer either tomorrow or Tuesday. If you're not on my list, just drop me a line at and I'll send you all the info (product lines we'll be hearing, exact location and time info, how many kegs we'll have, etc.). Cheers!

Hi Brian,
I've sent some Neuance shelves for you guys to play with for your Austin Audio nite at Whetstone.Hope y'all have a great time.

Thanks a bunch. We received them, but have yet to put them "to the test" :). It was great meeting you at CES! Cheers!