Auralic Vega or Wavelength Cosecant HS Denom vers?

I've narrowed it down to these 2 to go with the latest & greatest Merlin VSMs and the Ars-Sonum Gran Filarmonia.

I know the Cosecant matches up extremely well with my gear, but I can't help myself - that Vega seems like an incredible piece.

Thanks for any and all input.
Really guys, nuthin?

Would love to gear from anyone who has listened to both DACs side-by-side. I can't be the only guy on the fence with these 2 units.

Thanks again for any input.
Would like to help, but only have experience with the Auralic and others.

Hopefully somebody else chime in.
I ordered an Auralic Vega & hope to have it Monday ... I have never heard the Cosecant but i will be posting a review on the Vega after i get it ... I also ordered a Cardas USB cable as well so that should all be arriving around the same time.
I heard the Auralic Vega at a dealer's and the Wavelength Cosecant V3 in my system. Hard to compare since they were in different systems and a few months apart.
But based on that non-scientific evaluation, I went with the Wavelength. More musical more analog sounding yet pretty neutral and true to source.