Audiolab 8200 CDQ CD Player

HI There
I am looking for a new CD Player and I picked
Audiolab 8200 CDQ. Since is offered only on line I did not
have chance to listen it. It looks interesting because it can
be connected to the power amplifier since it have preamplifier. Does anyone knows anything about this CD Player.
Thanks in advance
I own the CDQ. What would you like to know? I don't use mine as a pre-amp, but as a CDP and I stream 24 bit FLAC with my laptop through the USB. It has 6 or 7 filters, which is way overkill IMO. I finally settleed on one filter because I found myself switching filters in the middle of songs. The tray is a little flimsy, but so has everyone I've ever owned. It sounds fantastic with my setup. The owners manual is amazing, which is a good thing because the CDQ is complicated if you take full advantage of it. It runs very warm, and sounds best after its warmed up for 10 - 15 minutes. My plan is to purchase a SS amp to run in the summer and use it as a pre amp so I don't have to run my tubes.
I just bought the 8200 CD not the Q. Have it playing right now through Itunes losless and it sounds really good, which surprises me. Had been running a MF V-DAC with an upgraded power supply and quit using it because the sound sucked. The Audiolab is much better in my opinion.

Donjr is right about the filters, but a few of them are really helpful, one or two are just there to compare with the others.
There are a couple of positive reviews on this unit. Home theater hifi and 6 moons.

Some users at pinkfish media have experience with this unit, do some research there.
I have cdq and when I plug in the power cord it and move the box it tens to wanna unplug... Anyone have this issue?
Lunker. I had that problem with a Pangea power cord and it ended up being the cord itself. I switched to a Audioquest and all is well. Also the stock cord worked fine for me.