Audio Research LS-1 vs Anthem Pre 2L

I want to try a tube pre amp in my system which consists of Spica TC-60's, Hafler 9500 transnova amp and Marantz 63se CD player. Any thought on these two? I listen to a wide variety of popular, rock and folk music, especially female vocals. Thanks for your imput.
I think you got to give the new product an audition, give it a chance I think Pre-2L(all tube) will beat the LS1(hybird)!, not far for the sound but for the way that the pre-2L is easy to use and deal with home theater and remote If the price are close the old LS-1 got no chance!!
Thanks for the input. The Anthem is $225 more than the AR. In my budget, that is significant. An AR LS2 is in the same price range as the Anthem. There are no dealers in my area for either, so I can't audition.
I agree with A2z, with the ls-2 it more like a match!! save a bid more so you'll enjoy the sound that you want! (but ls-2 still a hybird design)
Thanks for your imput guys. The dealer tells me the Audio Research sounds warmer and more tube like than the Anthem even though the AR is a hybrid. I am unable to find any reviews on the LS1. Can anyone enlighten me as to its characteristics and reputation? Thanks again.