audio aero capitole vs. bow technologies...

Hi everyone!!!!

Which cd player between audio aero capitole, bow technologies zz-eight i2s and combo sfi sfd2-mk2 plus sft 1 transport?

Help me please: I cannot listen to everyone these cd player.
Thanks and regards
Good listen.
I have only heard the Bow ZZ-Eight among your choices:

Terrific bass weight and power (maybe even a little too much). Very good bass extension and dynamics. A very slightly tipped up upper midrange which lends "air" to the presentation, but may not work in an already bright system. Liquid midrange. Very good soundstage reproducer. A very musical player. Among the one-box players, this is one of the best available. You may want to hear the following which I have either listened to or heard mentioned in the same breath:

Audio Aero Capitole
Audiomeca Mephisto
Cary 303/306
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK II 24/192