Arcam C30 vs Arcam C31

Has any one compared these per-amps? Is the C31 a big improvement over the C30? The price difference between the discontinued C30 and C31 is about $600. Just wondering if it's worth the additional cost. A few dealers I have been to didn't have either one to demo. In search for the right per-amp to go with my Arcam P1's. Currently running them from my Rotel RSP-1066.
I presently own the Arcam C30 and really like it, but want to focus more on 2-channel versus multi-channel. Let me know if you are interested. I too have wondered what the difference is between C30 and C31. Difficult to determine from the Arcam website.

You do realize that Arcam does not have the surround sound processing capabilities of your Rotel? I was looking at the 1066 and 1068 when I purchased the Arcam. I thought the Arcam was much more musical.
I plan on keeping my Rotel RSP-1066 and RMB-1095 for home theater. I am building up a separate 2-channel system and need to a 2-channel pre-amp to complete the set up. I really like the Arcam sound ( I have the CD82 and the P1 Mono Blocks) and was planning on getting the C30 or C31 . The C30 has gotten many great reviews and the C31 hasn’t been out long enough to get much press. Arcam made a lot of changes from the C30 to the C31 so I would expect that there is a noticeable difference. However, since I have not been able to demo the C31 against a C30 I’m not sure if it’s is worth the price difference. I may have to go on blind faith and spend the extra money on the C31.