Anyone using a Decware CSP2?

I was wondering if any fellow Agoners were using this pre/head amp and would care to comment on it's sonics. I couldn't find much in the archives here about it. What little I could find about it on the net seems positive with regards to the headphone out quality but I couldn't find much about it's performance as a pre. Both functions are important to me. I'm especially interested in any feedback about any noise/hum issues. Thanks.
I have had my CSP2 Taboo combination for several months now. I first bought the Taboo, brand new from Steve. It was nice with my 89db Von Schwenikert monitors but you had to turn it up all the way. I added the CSP2, also brand new and what an immediate difference! It was as if the Von Schweikert's were floor standers. the CSP2 opened up the Taboo and overcame any resistance in the speakers because of their relative inefficency. The sound became more powerful, not just in volume, but in weight and authority. Bass was increased a lot. The CSP2 has the voltage controls for each channel that can adjust to your particular sound. I can wholeheartedly recommend this combination. There is NO noise and NO hum, even at full volume.