Anyone try the new Musical Fidelity X10 V3?

This is a new buffer for CD players featuring NuVista tubes.
Yes, my father has bought one and only though I've
only been able to listen to it for an hour or two,
I must say that it does miracles :)
The sound becomes so much warmer, the bass is smother
yet gives a quicker, more rapid punch and the
3D perception of the sound image increases dramaticly.

He uses it to a X-ray cd with an A300 amplifier and
AudioPro Blue Diamond v.2.
Does this buffer have an output stage too? For instance, I'd like a better output stage for my player, but mods are impossible. Does this unit enhance, (open up the sound), the way better caps would? And has anyone heard the new Xray CD player? Mr. Michaelson states that there's 'nothing better' lol, what do you think?