Anyone see or hear the new NAD T763 receiver?


I was planning on buying the new NAD T762 but after reading some reviews on heat problems of this receiver, I've decided to wait for the new model T763.
Has anyone seen or heared it yet?

Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for the info... I will indeed get the T752, since the prices have been dropped. I just wanted to make sure that this receiver works well before buying one.

Litsa ;-)
I just bought a T763 and I love it. I had a rotel rsx 1055 and I like the NAD much more. I think it handles movies much better and the setup seems much more flexible.
I have not had any problems with heat. I had an integra dtr 7.2 before the rotel and that got so hot that the top would buckle.
I just purchased a Demo 762 and the cooling fans are quieter than the ones in the 763. NAD added another fan for the additional amp in the 763. I also tried a Harmon Kardon AV 7200 at home. This unit was way to laid back and lazy sounding compared to the NAD. My speakers are Paradigm Mini Monitors all around.