Anyone Interested In Audire Parlando?

I'm trying to convince Julius to come out of retirement and pick up his soldering iron again to make me one of his great Parlando amps, which many consider the finest amp made, but he'll need a few orders to make it worth his while in terms of buying parts. So, if you had been thinking about a Parlando and got caught off-guard by Julius's retirement, drop him a note and maybe we can get him back into action.
Please help me to get in touch with julius because I
need work on my otez amp. I turn the amp on and there
was a hum in my speakers, so I unplugged the amp thinking
it had drain down,but it sparked (arc) thru the ac cord.
I checked all the fuses and they are all ok.

My reference solid state power amplifier for 14 years running.

Ted Denney Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.

Did you ever have any luck getting the attention of Julius? Are you still using your unit? As an electrical engineer, I have had good success fixing similar items if you would like me to work on it.