Anyone here using vintage speakers?

I am mostly a lurker and reader here and see very little conversation about vintage speakers (pre 1985). I have owned Altec 604's for about a year now and love the hell out of them. Just wondered if there are other vintage users in this crowd?
I still have a pair of ESS Heil speaker that I bought back in 1971 still sound wonderful..

I'm using some Altec 887a Capri's. I recently had to fix them because the magnet came apart. Overall they are decent ( except maybe lacking some treble. I like the fact that they use an 8" woofer instead of the typical wimpy 6 incher.
Quad ESL-57s

Just got them, they're amazing, not perfect for every kind of music, difficult to set up in the room, but when they work, oh my gosh they work. Right now Schubert's second piano trio Op. 100 with Stern/Istomin/Rose is so perfectly precise, just rich enough, you'd swear they're in the room with you.

Surprisingly my AKSA drives them with no sweat whatsoever.

Refurbed by Wayne Piquet from Florida and up on his big rigid metal stands. They're white (see the system page).

I THINK I'm using vintage speakers. I got a pair of Dali IV's from used record shop for twenty bucks. I'm awaiting new woofer surrounds as the foam is flaking away. Even so, they sound great, though the bass is too boomy for my tastes. I hope new foam surrounds will tighten up the low end. Does anyone know when Dali IV's were manufactured?
I have Acoustic Research 93's bought in 1979. Very natural and honest sound. A bit hard to drive but worth the cost in amplification. I still love the sound but will need to replace the aging rubber suspension for the spaekers sometime soon. The old acoustic suspension design still sounds great with whatever you run through them. Very tight without any muddiness found in so many bass reflex speakers.