Anyone heard the Shuguang Treasure 300b

Looking to replace my EH golden grids and would like to hear from those familiar with ris upgraded black glass version. Amplifier is the Coincident Frankenstein.
I have Black Bottles in my Audion Silver Night Classic, and they are amazing in all respects - soundstage, resolution etc. Very addictive tubes, rather musical.
Sorry to jump the discussion but i've just arrived here because I was following the Black Bottles. In fact it's of a major interest to me, as well as your amplification.
I have too an Audion Silver Night 300B in its MkII version and I'm running TJ mesh plates with great pleasure.
But to reach there a lot of transformation has been made as they can only stand 28W maximum plate dissipation.
After damaged my first pair of TJ in 6 months I found (it's a long story) the amp come standard with plate tensions as much as the double a TJ could support and I decided after a failled intervention of my local Audion dealer to "put the hands on the job". The transformation resulted in a very different amp, although I mainteined the schematics, the output transformers and the box, but added, among other subtlety issues, a valve rectification on it (yes!) using a 5U4G/5Z3P. First stage is now achieved with 5751's instead the standard 6922 with no changes.
I'm running Lowther's DX4 FR drivers in an own (it could not be so simple as it is come from a shelf) design OB. Cables are mainly Siltech but I have some Revelation Audio Labs too.
The questioons are:
1 - Is your amplification the standard one?
2 - Are the SG 300B-Z capable to be driven with the normal voltage Audion use to supply their amps?
1) Yes, I have standard Audion Silver Night, classic version, MK1, which has polished steel front plate
2) No idea, suggest contacting for that (NA importer)