Anyone hear Modwright Elyse DAC?

Anyone own or hear this firsthand; impressions, comments?
Yes. I have one now for several months, and was modified by it's digital designer, Alex. It is the best digital product I have had my system, including my old GNSC Wadia S7i and Burmester 069.My system is Venture speakers, Concert Fidelity pre, Magnus MA-300 amp and Silnote Poseidon Signature 2 digital cable (excellent!), Jena Labs Pathfinder speaker cables, and Prana Wire interconnects.
I purchased the Elyse and received it mid last week. I installed a NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier and a pair of Seimens A frame , gold pin 6922s. I only have about 25 hours on it, but it has taken my system and listening experience to another level - more depth, clarity, definition, body and presence. Like with my purchase of my Modwright LS100 and KWA100SE , I was not able to audition the Elyse beforehand, but have no regrets whatsoever.