Anyone have any input on JM Lab Cobalt 816S

A Freind has a pair of the JM Lab 716S Chorus line and I really like the sound of them, I'm conidering a pair of the Focal JM Lab Cobalt 816S, If I purchase these speakers it would be by mail. Unfortunately I can't listen to them. Therefore I have nothing to compare them to. Do they compare to the chorus line? If anyone owns a pair of these. Let me know how you like them! Thanks for your input.
You can take this with a grain of salt I owned them and they were the brightest speaker I've ever heard,no matter what I paired them with and i had a well treated room,I kept them for a month and a half I couldnt wait to get rid of them,and worst of all i traded in my Totem Arro's for them,the worst audio mistake i ever made was the 816 Cobalt S.
My experience was with the 806S. While I didn't find them as bright as Tawaundabomb talks about, they were a little on the bright side. (maybe the 816 is different)

I think for the money there is better out there.
This question is for Tawaundabomb. What kind of amp and interconnects were you using at the time you owned the Cobalt 816s. For the price range I think they are fantastic speakers if paired with the right equipment.
Well i had some pretty high qaulity stuff with them here is the amps i had with them:Nad 320bbe,Jungson Class A amp,Musical Fidelity 3.2 amp &3.2 preamp,Quicksilver preamp & Monoblocks,Unison Unico with modified Mullard tubes,Ming Da 22 watt intergrated tubeamp with modified GE tubes and Mullards and a Musical Fidelity X-150.Cd players:Musical Fidelity 3.2,X-V3,X-10 tube buffer,X-Dac,X-PSU,Unison cd player with modified Mullard tubes.Speaker wire and interconects,Various Cardus,Audioquest,Zen,and I settled for the Kimber Timbre interconnects and 8TC speakerwire which was the least bright of the bunch,and best at the frequencey extremes,I think thats plenty of gear that should've have worked and I even tried them out on my friends Rogue Zues tube amp and my other friends VTL monoblocks,and they were still bright as hell.
I have the JM lab daline 3.1

same tioxid tweeter I beleive. not bright at all but using all conrad johnson eqpmnt. and CAL front end for cd and linn/koetsu analog. they really sing.