Anyone ever load a Shelter 501 II at 300 ohms?

I know the preferred loading is 100 ohms, but my phono preamp is set up for 300 ohms right now. Any experience with this?

Hi Oz
Looking at your system I see you have a K+K pre amp and this uses a lundahl transformer for moving coil step up. Normaly you would load the secondary side of the transformer by placing a high quality low wattage resistor across the secondary tap output.K+K offer a selectable loading option with the kit either contact Kevin Carter and buy the kit and fit it or ask for the correct resistor values to try individualy at say 150 ohms,125,ohms,100 ohms and 75 ohms and 50ohms.Set at the recommended 100 ohms then try by 25 ohm increments up and down till your ears tell you the correct value has been reached.
Running this cartridge through an EAR 834P that I think is around that impedance and it sounds great.