Any Shindo users?

I have heard great stuff about Shindo gear and am awaiting an Auriges preamp. Any satisfied owners out there? I am looking to match it with one of their amps and some high efficiency speakers. Any other satisfied owners?
I have a Shindo based system and can't recommend it highly enough.The Cortese is an amazing stereo amp that would be ar home in systems of many different price levels.The Montille and new Haute Brion are supposed to be very good as well and less painful to the wallet.
As far as speakers,If you are interested in going the high efficiency route,try to check out the A23 Solovox.It is spectacular!It is an unbelievably satisfying and natural speaker that performs well beyond anything I have ever heard.Must hear one that has been well broken in.At first it sounds very constricted and thin,but then it starts to bloom and pull off its magic act--and what an act it is.
I have the Monbrison full-function preamp. A friend brought over his and we put it in my system and I was completely bowled away.

The little Monbrison replaced a BAT VK-5SE and the Aesthetix Io Signature with power supply - three gigantic boxes replaced by one small jewel that just plays music effortlessly. My system was completely transformed... not just from an "audiophile"" system to a "musical" system, to use the standard cliches, because my system wasn't necessarily "audiophile," but to something that gave me everything - total musical flow, PRAT, endless listening with no fatigue, *and* sparkling highs, thunderous bass (where needed). Just everything.

I'd recommend Shindo unhesitatingly. If you're in NYC, Cleveland or SF, you're in luck because you have a local dealer who carries it all... there may be more by now, contact Jonathan at Tone Imports, who (via my friend) turned me on to it.
Having just responded, I realized this was the speaker forum... I have heard Shindo's top-line Latour field-coil speakers, not perhaps in the best room, and also the Western Electrics, which completely blew me away. All my prejudices about horns and single drivers wiped away in an instant.

Unfortunately I can't afford that kind of money, and for now, at least, I'm staying electrostatic.