Any Guidance on How to Get my Lampizator Big 7 (DSD) Working with HQPlayer and Room?

I had my Lampizator Big7 working with HQPlayer (previous version, likely 3.x version) and Roon and was enjoying unsampled DSD on my system, but I believe I now need to upgrade to a new version of HQPlayer, but haven't been able to get it to work yet. The menus are so unintuitive. Also, am not sure if I need version 4 or 5 (I assume 5?)

Does anyone have a Lampizator DAC that the are using with HQPlayer and Roon, where they could share their settings? Also, I've no idea what about the references to Network Audio Adapter are and if that's a path worth going down.

I currently use a fully quiet home theater PC I built that has fanless CPU cooling and fanless power supply. I know on my previous HQPlayer 3.x setup the CPU and memory were almost maxed out, but worked fine if I turned off other apps. I dont' use a separate GPU card but just Windows graphics, so don't have any that Nvidia GPU horsepower on hand either (not sure if I need it, but I see it mentioned in the list of potential requirements)..

Thanks in advance for any settings guidance!


My recommendation is to go to Lampi and HQplayer support for pre requisite / setting direction.

Your choice of forums and / or direct support.

Have you gone through the HQ Player threads at Audiophile Style? There are dedicated HQ and Roon forums on that site and I believe the developers answer questions directly.