Any experience with cables by EnKlein or Klee?

I recently auditioned an entry level EnKlein Big Tom power cord on my Hegel H-30 amp. It made a surprisingly big improvement on my sound stage and sonic detail, over the Tara Labs the One I was using. Amazed that switching a power cord could make such a big improvement. I don't see much written about this brand, or Klee, or Thales cords. I see a lot of posts on the merits of High Fidelity and HiDiamond, and SR elements.
I am hoping that there are other 'Goners who have tried the EnKlein brand, or Klee, and let me know their thoughts, and what they were using before. I think getting cables correct for system matching and synergy is the hardest part of our hobby, especially as the costs for premium cables is approaching costs of components. Makes it hard to audition as well, due to the long breaking periods expressed here by others.
The rest of my system is Venture Excellence III speakers, VAC tubed pre, Playback Design DAC 5 with computer hires as a source. Other cables are FMS Nexus III's, all copper. I am curious if a blend of silver cables will help provide more sonic 'air' and detail, and keep the warmth of rich midrange I enjoy, and taunt bass. I also recently added a second run of FMS speaker cables for bi-wire, instead of jumpers, and it also made a nice improvement, but not as big as the power cord on amp. If I add another pc, which other component would make the biggest improvement, DAC, or pre?
Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. Happy Holidays.
Oops, need to correct initial info; I am auditioning their mid level PC, the Taurus, not their entry level cord, Big Tom. It's surprisingly skinny for a quality PC, not like the big hoses I often see, but it produces beautiful music.
Still seeking opinions of others who might have experience with this brand.
Hi, Mribob, Taralabs has the new version, The one Ex that is substantially better than the Tara, The one., Personally, I would have experimented moving up the current Taralabs cable food chain with power cords.
Thanks Audiolabyrinth. I do have a Tara Labs Gold PC which I enjoy, but it s not long enough to reach my amp. I was amazed on how much better the Enklein Taurus was over the Tara Labs. Before I try to invest more $$$ for expensive cords that are hard to demo; I thought I'd reach out to the members who have listed their Klee cords for sale, and have them share their experience. I have not seen anyone except some dealers who have the Enklein products listed in their rigs. I am also interested in the HiDiamond and High Fidelity cords as well.
Thanks again, Happy New Years,
@ Mribob, Hi, Check out the Stage 3 concepts power cords, I hear very good things about the Kraken power cord and the cheaper models stage 3 concepts has as well, All in all, you have good cables, congrats!, cheers.
@ Mribob, Hi, Check out the Stage 3 concepts power cords, I hear very good things about the Kraken power cord and the cheaper models stage 3 concepts has as well, All in all, you have good cables, congrats!, cheers.
I wish the stage III's were in my budget. Even the few I see used here on the 'Gon are a bit more than I can spend on a PC. Perhaps if there were in home demos, and I could trust my ears, then perhaps a budget would follow..... But it's too huge a leap of faith to buy first with no real sense of system synergy to by used. Cable company is great option, but no real discounts on new.
Thanks for the recommendation

if given the chance, grab a Stage III Concepts pc.
You will be rewarded handsomely.
Sorry; that's what happens when I respond late at night on my iPad....I ramble. I was trying to say that unless you have personal experience in a particular brand of cable, and know what you want to buy used...great. I've not heard any of the cables suggested, and to buy only on advice on these forums without hearing it in your rig, it can be an expensive experiment. I'm interested in your thoughts though on quality power cords that may blend in with my gear.
Jayant, thanks. I read that Stage III may release a new line of Pc's at Ces next week, which may result in lower prices. I'll wait and see what develops with this brand. Looking forward perhaps for an audition to buy.
Ray Seda at Dagogo has done a review of the Tarus power cord with Cherry and Pass Labs amps. We like our customers to be happy with our products and encourage them to test them in there systems.