Anthem to stop making the P5 & P2 amps

Has anyone else heard that Anthem is going to stop making the A series and the P series of amps and start to replace them with the STR series of amps, I am hearing rumors that shortly when Anthem starts to replace the A series and P series of amps that they will be marking them down by 50% to 55% meaning the P2 will be just over $2,000.00 USD and the P5 will be just over $3,800.00 USD which is a steal of a deal.
I am going to AXPONA  in a couple of weeks and will try to get some more info then.
Please respond if you have also heard these rumors.
OK, I found out from an Anthem rep at Axpona that it was a wrong memo that went out, it was only the A series amps that are being phased out and not the P series also, it seems that there was a big commotion about this memo and it has since been corrected.