An amplifier for a volume controlled DAC

I have a 2nd system which I use outside on my deck. Currently it consists of Wyred4Sound DAC2, NAD326BEEE, B&W685s. Source is MACBook Pro feeding AIFF files via Pure Music. This system is somewhat a revolving door in that I purchase equipment used, most here on AG, as a way to satisfy upgraditis. 

I am wishing to test the DAC2 using the volume option directly into a amp. Volume min and max can be set on the DAC2. I will try this approach using the amp stage of the 326BEE and if I find the sonics acceptable will be looking for an amplifier to pair with the DAC2 and sell the 326BEE. I would like to find a used amplifier, `100wpc 4ohm capable, as I will probably upgrade speakers, and I currently favor purchasing a pair of Dynaco X12s or X14s in near future. I am thinking I would like a somewhat warm sounding amp to balance the somewhat analytical sound coming from the DAC. Again looking to find used with budget ~$500-$700.  One amp that comes to mind is the Odyssey Kartago. 

Thoughts or suggestions?