Amplifier Repair in Minneapolis/St. Paul ?

My Classe CAM-200 have always been cool to warm, but recently the heat sinks become very hot to touch and make burning smell. I wonder if there is a reliable local repair shops within the Twin Cities Minneapolis/St Paul that I should bring in for a check up and repair. Shipping to Classe for these heavy mono amp can be too expensive.
I dunno if Atma-Sphere does any repair work on amps that aren't their own, but if you don't get any answers here, it may be worth giving them a call. Maybe they can recommend someone.
Hi N787,

You might call Classe or email them...they might be able to help. I have found CJ, Zanden and Wilson to be extremely helpful regarding repairs which they decided after speaking with me were NOT necessary to ship the unit back to the manufacturer, and in some cases, even helped identify someone local to me who could help.

Good luck.