Classical Search Engine

Does anyone know what is going on with the classical search engine? I used to think it was not very good (there was a lot of stuff you couldn't find directly, even though it was in the database; you had to search it out circuitously and indirectly). But now they've got a new search engine that is absolutely AWFUL--just unbelievably STUPID! You won't believe how bad it is until you try it. I buy a lot of classical CDs (mostly used) on, mostly from marketplace sellers. But now it's almost impossible to find anything there. Is there no hope?
You are so right. They changed it a couple of months ago, I think, and it stinks big time. I've shifted allegiance to -- it's a much better interface for finding what you want, but unfortunately doesn't deal in used CDs. Nevertheless, the prices are pretty good and they have frequent sales.
Yeah, they blew it. I do all my searches on now, and then follow the link to Amazon to make the purchase. There's enough classical music on SACD that I can find most of what I'm looking for out there.
I've been doing classical music research on amazon for 3 yrs now. Lets say I'm looking for a listing I have on vinyl and hope to find it on cd.
I type in Ravel/Oistrakh.
And sure enough, shows a new listing of the Ravel and Rachmaninov trios as played by the legendary Oistrakh Trio.
Schnittke/Polyansky, brings up all of Polyansky's recordings in the great Schnittke.
I've had no issues with the engine.
But you gotta love a handle like "Bartokfan"! I heard the Dance Suite on WFMT today, while driving home. God blessed Bela Bartok in a prodigious way.

The Amazon seach engine is still effective. I just thought it was better before.