Alon Lotus Esprit.....comments?

Anyone familiar with these? Do they sound much like the Elite version, just less so?


No- they do not. They do not have an alnico midrange, which is the biggest downfall of the speaker. One bass driver is a slight disadvantage, but all the Lotus line tends to be considerably fast and very accurate- they are sealed, so they play very very low and clear.

The Lotus Signature (4500 dollar one) is AWESOME- no remote comparison to the Esprit. The Elite Signature (9000dollar one) is INCREDIBLE! but the marginal difference in sound POSSIBLY may not justify the doubling of cost... it depends on your system. For me, I've heard these sound their best on a fully broken in Connie C140...however make no mistake, they sound devastating on JC1's or decent (or better) solid state... I happened to like them an awful lot on Rogue 150's... The 4500 dollar ones are very easy to fall in love with- in fact, I don't think you'll find as good a mid-range in anything less than 20 grand...

For those who are laughing at me for writing that.. well... Let's just say we did a little shootout between Revel F50's and The lotus signatures (the 4500 dollar ones) and the Lotus's BLEW THE REVELS AWAY... Hotel California, the vocals sounded like they were coming from underwater on revel compared to the lotus- we put on david sanborn, it seemed like an almost unfair comparison.. I went in thinking to myself "my god..these revels may just be AMAZING" and I was hoping they would be, because up until the comparo, I wanted a pair. THen I played the Alon's on the same system and COULD NOT BELIEVE my ears.. the Alon's at 4500 best any and everything I've heard with the exception of VERY limited few speakers, all of which are beyond the 18 grand mark..

Note: The difference between the elite and elite signature (or whatever they're called- the 4500 vs 9000 dollar ones) is that the 4500's have alnico midrange only. THe elite sig's have ALL alnico drivers. The mid-range is the most important though- and for this reason, I couldn't recomend the espirt- you just have to go with the 4500 dollar one minimum..

Good luck on your hunting. OH- and BTW.. the Lotus 4500 KILLS the Aerials- In fact, with the exception of the 20T, which is an awesome speaker, the rest of the areial line, well, you couldn't PAY ME to use them compared to the lotus.. you gotta listen to themm
I hear the Esprit speakers quite often as a relative of mine has them. They are very nice to listen to, although I think the better speakers in the line (Elite/Elite Signature) must be purer, due to lower distortion. The Esprit seem very natural, but the upper midrange isn't particularly "sparkling" (in a good way).
Good bass.
I'll be hearing the higher models quite soon to compare with this one. I keep having the feeling that the Esprit are not quite as "see-into" as the better Alon speakers.