adcom 5300

HI I have two adcom 5300 amps in great shape. I just bought a Sony STR dH 810 multi channel receiver, my other receiver died. I have all the video set up on the Sony and it works great, but when I tried to hook the the two Adcoms up to the receiver, I don't get any sound. I want to run my CD player here but it won't work. The reason I have the Ad coms is that I have 8 sets of KEF speakers through my home which I want to run with my cd. So I have the speakers into switches and then into the Adcom 5300 they are then run banna plugs into the Sony and then I hook my cd player via plugs to the Sony. No Sound. Does it have the power to run my amps, do you know a way to run it or should I look for a separate adcom receiver to just run my stereo system and the leave the AV off.
You may need to run the "ANALOG" outputs of the CD player into the SONY AVR for it to work.

Some AVRs won't pass digital input to the 2nd room/multi-room system.