A new equipment rating system based on time % free time spent on listening

May I introduce something that gives everybody a different perspective, different measurement of how lovely certain equipment is?

Here’s how it works:
1) if you have multiple setups at home, pick the setup (combo) that you like the most
2) share your % of your weekly free time that you’d listen to it
--- description of the whole setup (there shouldn't be any duplicate equipment type ... can't possibly have both playing at the same time)
--- top 3 music genres

3) if you have past setup that you’re fond of, state so too
4) your setup at home only, you may include loaner, but don’t include anything that isn’t in your home

--- No need to argue about class A vs Class D, power cord, snake oil, tube vs SS, etc

--- No bashing of other’s setup --- Just say % of your free time you cannot resist to listen

--- WEEKLY FREE TIME = the amount of time in a week that you are free to choose to do anything you like (e.g., stay at home, play with the kids, watch TV, catch a ball game, drink a few rounds at a bar, hang out to watch a movie, etc, while you are awake). % only.


My setup: 80%

Mac / Logitech Transporter Streamer
Audio Aero Capitole Signature DAC/Preamp + CD play back
Viva Solista amp
Kharma CRM 3.2 FE speakers
Kharma digital cables
All Gabriel Gold power cords / interconnects / speaker cables

Music genre: classical, pop, jazz

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I am also retired, but do not listen to my systems in my free time as much as the previous posters. I have to break my time down into summer (April through October) and winter (November through March).

In the summer months we like to travel to the National Parks and being an avid photographer, I like to document the parks in photos. We typically spend a week in each Park and try to hike as many trails as possible. We also spend much of the summer months in the NY State Parks, particularly the Adirondacks, camping, hiking and kayaking. When not traveling, we like to bike the local trails. So in the summer months I probably spend about 10% of my free time listening to one of my systems.

In the winter months, I have more time for music but I still spend considerable time with my photography. I also try to get caught up with my woodworking projects and model railroading projects in the winter. So I probably spend about 30% of my free time listening to music in the winter months.

The system that I do most of my serious listening consists of:

KEF 104/2 speakers
Acurus A200 amp
Emotiva XDA-2 which I use as both a preamp and DAC

All of my music I stream wirelessly from CDs ripped lossless on my Mac to an Airport Express or Apple TV in this system. I use my iPhone or iPad as a remote to control my music selections.

Music genre: smooth jazz, pop, country, classic rock

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Well I’m relatively young and not married so I do have a lot of free time, but the *prime* free time is weekend nights when I’m drinking and truly enjoying no worries of or preparations for work the next day. Weekend days are for sleeping and recovery (lol). I spend upwards of 75% of weekend night time in front of my main system - usually 5 to 7 hours a night - just listening in the sweet spot with no iPhone, etc. And often in the dark. If you look at overall free time, probably just 15%. My girlfriend loves it too and joins me for the full event each weekend...going on 2 years now. So that says something.

The main system is vinyl only, btw.